Are you suffering from a shortage of IT talent?

You have a great dev team, but they are overwhelmed with all the requirements piling up in your backlog

Your business could grow faster if you could deliver more software

You have considered hiring a remote team before, but you worry about the process changes that would be required

If this sounds familiar, our service package will help you find a remote IT team, and enable you to work with them successfully.

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How to succeed with a remote IT team

Here’s our 4-step plan to get you up and running.

  • Understand your needs

    Together, we analyze where you currently are and find out which skills you need in your team.
    Very important: We need to understand which processes and tools you need to adjust to enable working remotely. Often, just a little goes a long way.

  • Find a team

    We go and find a suitable team of developers for you – your new team will be available exclusively for you. You will have full access to them at any time and communicate with them daily, just the way you do with an on-site one. The only difference is: you meet them online.
    You will get exactly the people you need – a team needs to be balanced in skills and experience. In many cases, we will hire people off the market, so you will not just get what we happen to “have on the bench”.
    Along with the remote team, an Agile Coach will be available to ramp you up smoothly, show you a tested process framework, and some collaboration tools options.
    We will handle all paperwork, so you only need one contract with our legal entity in Germany.

  • Set up your tools and processes

    We help you set up a backlog with requirements, get the right tools for your needs, and agree on how your daily collaboration and communication occurs. Attention to detail is critical in this step, and they’re highly specific to your unique situation.
    We provide you with best practices and standard processes and adjust them with your team where needed. We heavily rely on the Scrum framework, which we have found to be best suited in a dynamic, innovation-driven environment.

  • Ship your first sprint!

    Deliver the first sprint with your new team! You will be amazed at how fast you will start seeing the first results.
    Your coach will stay during the first sprints (or longer if needed) to ensure smooth collaboration.
    You can now take the next steps and grow your team even further. Or how about transforming your whole organization to work remotely?

Meet your guides

We know your troubles.

Our team has a been-there-done-that approach to building software with remote teams. We’ve been working in all possible positions ourselves, as Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Developers, Testers – both on-site and off-shore.

We know the challenges that can – and will – arise firsthand, and we want to help you become a master at working with a remote team.

We’ve helped innovative companies find and run their off-shore teams, such as DriveNow, Sixt, BMW, and Sono Motors. Though we’ve worked with teams as far away as China, we now specialize in Eastern Europe, mainly Ukraine.

What you can expect from us is to take extra care of integrating with your existing (on-site) team, too. We take a holistic look at your organization. This part is too often ignored by “discount” off-shore providers who only get you a team at a low price, and leave you alone to deal with it.

Alex Key
Founder, CEO, and Coach for Agile Remote Teams

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Some of the companies our team members have helped succeed

What does an under-staffed team cost you?

If you’ve got a great IT team already, but are still struggling to cope with all the requirements and have a hard time recruiting and retaining (!) great talent, then there’s good news and bad news.

The bad news? Your potential pool of employees is geographically limited. If you find somebody in your area and you work together well, chances are the effort to get them on board is very high, and there’s a high probability they might leave for a competitor sooner or later. As the demand for software developers will continue to grow in the years to come, this situation will only get worse.

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    You’re not alone. Almost every company is short of skilled IT talent. So they work with the little they have to get at least the urgencies done. There’s no time to work on what really moves the needle, and their teams are continuously being spread too thin – which eventually will lead to an even higher drain of employees.

    The good news? There’s a ton of upside for your team if you can remove the geographical limitation when searching for IT talent. In the 21st century, this should be more the norm than the exception.

    Here’s how you can benefit from opening up your team and processes to include a remote team:

    1. No more worries about finding enough talent – now, the world is your oyster.
    2. Have the capacity to work on high-value features, the stuff that only you can do. You can structure your organization in a way to distribute responsibilities to the team that is best suited to handle them.
    3. Finally be able to deliver on all the ideas and features you always wanted to try, and which are needed to beat your competition. Say “yes” more often!

    Constantly being overwhelmed by the demands on your team is frustrating and will eventually cause people to leave, making your situation even worse.

    Two factors limit the ability to deliver in a software team:
    The availability of the right talent for your needs and proper processes. Leaders that manage to grow their team while keeping it working efficiently are the ones who continuously deliver – and keep their sanity doing it.

What you will get from us

Our service package includes everything you need to start, run, and scale an off-shore IT team. We will find out together what your exact needs are.


We find single developers or whole teams in Eastern Europe to enhance your current IT team.

The team will be working exclusively for you, and you have full control and access to it – no black box, double staffing, or other tricks. It’s not much different from what you’re doing already – except that you meet online.

You will get exactly the skills you need – our compensation is structured to ensure this.

Coaching & Transformation

This part is very often neglected by off-shore providers.

When you move towards working remotely, be it fully or partly, you’ll often need to adjust your processes and add some collaboration software. Above all, you need to make sure that your existing organization can handle this transformation. It’s usually more a process than a one-time change.

We will guide you and your team during this process, on-site at your premise or remote.

(aka paperwork)

Hiring somebody involves red tape – sometimes of the nasty sort. Be it contracting, registration, taxation, payment, or conformity with the GDPR – we take care of it all.

You only need one contract with our legal entity in Germany (the equivalent of a Limited Liability Company, with heavy regulation in place). All legal transactions and payments will be handled through it.

Not sure what you need? Let’s find out!

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Our “trust agreement” with you

All this should go without saying, but just for the record.

We take extra care to coach and enable the team you already have, to be able to collaborate effectively in a remote setting. The Product Owner, Scrum Master, and other leadership positions often play a crucial role in a remote work setting’s success.

You can start with a small team to try it out – this means low risk for you, and it will be easy to cancel if it’s not for you.

You will only get the people you really need – our compensation structure ensures that. We have no incentive to sell you a higher-priced team member.

If you want to meet your team in person, you can do so at any time.

You will always have full transparency about who is working on which task. You collaborate with your remote team at the same intensity as with an on-site one.

Frequently asked questions

  • What will it cost me?

    We charge a monthly fee. It covers the developer’s salary, plus other recurring expenses such as hardware, software, office space, health insurance, vacation, paid sick days, training, etc. We structure this so that our compensation is not related to the developer’s skill level. In other words, we don’t earn more if you get a more experienced team member. That’s good for you, as you will get exactly the skills you need.

    The only extra cost that occurs frequently is travel expenses if we visit you – this is optional, however.

  • Will you replace my current team?

    No. Your current team and your new, remote one will work alongside – we’ll show you how to split your work between both efficiently. Often, especially in the beginning, it makes sense to run two separate teams. Later on, as you grow together more, you can even set up mixed teams that consist of on-site and remote developers. We can help you manage the process changes required for this transformation.

  • My business processes are super complicated, and/or my product involves specific hardware. Can we still work remotely?

    If you need large or specific hardware to develop against, working remotely is more challenging, but not impossible – we’ve done this successfully before. Complicated business processes can be learned and understood by your new team, the same way it would happen with on-site developers. As long as you have someone available to answer questions, you’ll be fine.

  • Is my data safe?

    It is – your remote team will be GDPR-compliant. Besides that, we take extra care to ensure your customer’s private data and your company’s internal one are safe and sound. We rely heavily on SaaS tooling to ensure maximum security for all our infrastructure.

  • I still have doubts/questions

    Let us know what you think, and we will offer you a free strategy call. It will help you assess if a remote team is right for you. Just follow the button below to schedule it, or to send us a message.

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